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Recruiting? Not getting desired responses?

Boost your recruitment campaign with Recruitment Booster from Rubicon!

If traditional recruitment methods aren’t delivering for you, we could have just what you need. As communication specialists in recruitment for over 30 years, we understand the value of creating a dedicated, imaginative communication to boost response rates. The Recruitment Booster is a program of communication created to be relevant, interesting and engaging to your potential candidates, channeled through a specific URL (web address), helping you get better responses from your recruitment efforts!

The Direct Route to Better Results

The key to success lies in creating a distinctive message; one that engages with your potential candidates and captures their imagination. While it may project some aspects of the jobs on offer, or suggest something interesting about the company, its purpose is to get potential candidates to go straight to the relevant landing page, whether that’s a specific page on your careers page or a separate career site.

Some of our hard-working sites

Reach Beyond the Obvious

One of the main advantages of Recruitment Booster is that it attracts passive candidates as well as those who are actively looking for a new position. Thinking beyond the obvious.

Cost Efficiency

Typically a Recruitment Booster is promoted through search, social media, and sometimes with traditional media as part of the mix. Either way, it can make a small budget go a long, long, way.


Ready to Launch When You Are

We have a crack creative team on stand-by at all times, so we can promise a lightning-quick response. From receiving your brief to delivery in just 5 working days*.

* Subject to client turn-around/approval time

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With over 30 years experience of providing effective recruitment  campaigns for a wide range of clients, Rubicon is perfectly positioned  to pioneer the development of exciting new frontiers in ‘Employer  Branding’. See for details of everything we offer HR personnel and SMEs.